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Meet the Team

Our management and staff team boasts years of experience and expertise in the fields of addiction, rehabilitation and recovery.

Because we are committed to tailoring our approach to your needs, we are able to guarantee an excellent staff-to-guest ratio. Your therapy will be personal, and you will feel fully supported throughout.

Our 18-strong team also includes a full complement of therapists with a range of experiences and specialisms, a holistic practitioner, an experienced counsellor, domestic and administrative staff.

A number of our staff are themselves in recovery, and will be happy to share their experiences.

Clive Wolfendale
Chief executive, CAIS

Clive is chief executive of recovery and personal support services charity CAIS, which operates Parkland Place.

A former deputy chief constable of North Wales Police, Clive is now
well-established in Welsh public and cultural life.  He is a regular contributor to national debate on issues related to substance misuse, mental health and criminal justice.

Leon Marsh
Director of residential services, CAIS

Leon has more than 15 years of experience in the fields of addiction and criminal justice – including more than a decade managing residential rehabilitation services.

Leon works closely with our partners and commissioners. His focus is on ensuring our services meet the expectations of guests, and remain innovative and high-quality.

Julie Coates
Residential manager

Julie has years of experience managing recovery projects in the community, and therapeutic services for adults with learning disabilities.

Throughout her career, Julie has worked with people – as a case worker, and in a mentoring and coaching capacity.  She holds personal and professional integrity and inspiring change as her most important values.

Jocelyn Williams
Lead addictions therapist

Jocelyn has more than 14 years’ experience of working in residential rehabilitation, and spent four years as the manager of a leading rehab unit.

She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of addictions, including leadership and facilitation qualifications. Jocelyn is humbled that her work helps guests take control of their lives and reach their full potential.