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Alcohol & Drug Rehab in London

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Here at Parkland Place we frequently assist people with alcohol, drug and gambling related addiction, along with any counter occurring illnesses such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, bereavement, and with behavioural issues connected to addiction or low-self esteem. We can impart intensive and residential treatments thanks to a specially curated treatment plan made by our team of professional addiction therapists, under the guidance of our consultant psychiatrist.

Alcohol Abuse in London

Alcohol is a major issue for London. The department of Health estimated that 280,000 Londoners are dependant on Alcohol, and a huge 2.4 million drinking at potentially harmful levels. It is closely linked with crime in the area. Economic impacts are also extremely high as over £2 billion per year is spent dealing with the effects of Alcohol.

While in London, alcohol doesn’t have the highest rate of drinking per region within the UK it does have very high rates of alcohol related crimes. Alcohol related crime accounts for 35% of all A&E attendances and up to 70% of all attendances at peak times over weekends, so we see it is causing a major strain on health and law enforcement services. Alcohol is also strongly associated with traffic accidents, which will come as no surprise.

Alcohol and Drug Services for people in London

People concerned with alcohol and drug issues should first visit their GPs for assessment, from thereon your GP can refer you on to Parkland Place privately or by using private healthcare insurance depending on your particular situation.

If you need to use the NHS you can refer to the London Drug and Alcohol services. They  will provide care management and assessment for potential residential rehabilitation, You will be able to express to them your desire to be treated at Salus for residential drug and alcohol treatment.

What can you do in the Meantime?

We recommend that you start attending your local alcoholics anonymous or narcotics anonymous or gamblers anonymous group meetings immediately. These are non-profit fellowships of recovering addicts who all hold regular meetings, there will be groups wherever you are in London.

They all share the common focus on holding off from those destructive habits and staying sober – as well as supporting one-another’s sobriety.

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